Workwear, Safety & first aid

Make sure your staff have got the right workwear and are safe for their job. In this section, you’ll find Key’s great selection of clothing, safety and first aid products. We include free delivery and returns in all our prices so there's no hidden extras when you shop at Key.

How do I choose the right product?

Keeping staff and visitors safe should be your business’s number one priority. In this category you’ll find all manner of products to ensure top-to-toe safety, from protective workwear to first aid kits, fall arrest equipment to fire extinguishers.

Browse the sections above to find a fantastic range of products or read on for our buyers’ guide. There’s plenty to discover in the world of workwear, safety and first aid…

Starting with workwear, what kind of clothing should your staff be provided with? In the workwear workwear section you’ll find warm clothing, items that are hardwearing, waterproof, high-visibility and some lines that protect against chemicals.

Products from workwear take care of the clothing side of things but there are still a few items to consider as you kit out your staff. Let’s start at the top and look at the helmets and bump caps section.

  • Many workplaces require people to protect their heads with a suitable hard hat. You’ll find many varieties in this section alongside accessories such as chin straps and ear defenders. As you browse, check out the safety information in each product’s specifications.
  • Next you should think about investing in eye protection so why not pay the spectacles section a visit? From close-fitting, stylish glasses and goggles to full face shields, you’ll find a product that’s perfect for your needs.
  • From eyes to ears and the Ear plugs and Defenders section. Ear protection is an easy safety precaution to overlook but you need to ensure that your business follows health and safety regulations regarding noise levels. To help you protect your staff this section includes plenty of options from single use disposable ear plugs to sound-blocking ear muffs.

Sticking with face protection, in the masks and respirators section you’ll find simple, disposable masks that filter dust all the way through to full face respirators and replacement filters. Breathe easy with a product from these pages.

If your staff will be handling anything that could harm their hands, whether it’s cold, hot, abrasive or otherwise dangerous, pop to the gloves section. We’ve got a fantastic range of gloves for every eventuality.

So we started at the top and we’ve made it to the toes…and the safety boots and shoes section. Whatever your workplace, we’ve got the safety shoe that fits for smart, casual, industrial or sporty looks. If you’ve got specific requirements, for example a boot that is waterproof, anti-static or has a tough toe cap, check the specifications to find the right footwear for your needs.

Browse the other sections in this category to fully protect your staff. You’ll find fire extinguishers, detectors, alarms and marshalling products in the fire protection equipment section and all kinds of first aid supplies helpfully organised in the first aid section.

With a full range of clothing and kit from this category, keep your whole workforce safe and productive. Hopefully you’ll have a good idea of where to start your search but get in touch if you need any further advice.

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