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At Key we offer a range of trucks & trolleys offering different capacities and functionalities. Whether you're in need of a heavy duty platform truck for industrial transportation or economy & foldaway versions for easy storage in office environments, you'll find it in our online store. Our trucks & trolleys come in a range of carrying capacities and many are available with next day delivery. Select the category you are interested in below...

How do I choose the right truck or trolley?

If you’ve decided that a truck or trolley will be useful for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Now you’re here, though, are you feeling a little confused? There are so many things to consider that making a decision can be tricky. But, we’re here to help!

This short guide will give you an introduction to the range of trucks and trolleys available and which styles are best suited to particular tasks.

Truck or trolley?

  • A really popular choice of truck for a range of businesses is the versatile sack truck (also known as a sack barrow, hand cart or hand truck). This truck is usually an L-shaped frame with two handles at the top and a toe plate with two wheels at the bottom.
  • Sack trucks are a great choice for moving heavy items quickly and easily. If you need to shift something specific, this classic truck has evolved into a few forms to take on a variety of particular tasks. drum trucks, cylinder trucks, stair climbing trolleys, and folding aluminium trucks are all variations of the sack truck designed to perfectly suit a particular purpose.
  • Trolleys take on a different form to sack trucks and feature a platform or basket on wheels which can be used to carry items wherever you fancy. Like the sack truck, trolleys come in a range of shapes and sizes, from shelf trolleys for tea breaks in the office to platform trolleys for heavy loads in the warehouse. Folding box trolleys are ideal for transorting small goods and are easy to store. Dollies are basically trolleys without a handle (kind of like a manoeuvrable skateboard for the workplace).

What else should you consider? It’s also important to check the load capacity of the truck or trolley that’s caught your eye. It may seem obvious that it needs to be able to cope with whatever you’re planning on piling it up with, but this is an easy detail to overlook. As a rule, aluminium trucks and trolleys usually have a lower load capacity than steel.

Wheel type is another important consideration. Solid rubber tyres are great all-rounders as they’re suitable for almost all surfaces. If you’re working with rough surfaces, pneumatic tyred wheels are particularly good but they can be harder to initiate movement when they’re carrying heavy loads.

Stairclimber wheels are cleverly designed to make it easier to use your truck when climbing stairs (the name gives it away a bit).

Hopefully this introduction has cleared things up, but you’ll find lots more information about particular trucks and trolleys on the product pages. Why not check out our full range?

If you could use a little more guidance then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. We’ll be more than happy to talk about your truck and trolley requirements on 0800 652 6000.

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