Traffic & Pedestrian Control

From pedestrian barriers, speed signs and line markers we stock a huge amount of traffic and pedestrian products. All of our products include free delivery and returns. Select your category below...


How do I choose the right products?

It can be tricky to manage vehicles and pedestrians around your business, keeping everyone safe and out of harm’s way. In this category we’ve got all sorts of products to help you out so why not get stuck in and browse through the sections above?

If you’re bewildered by all the choices, don’t worry! Read on for our little guide to what’s available...

Guiding people and vehicles

If you want pedestrians or vehicles to move around your property in a particular way, you need to tell them so! Head to the following sections to guide everyone effortlessly:

  • Safety barriers and posts feature a range of permanent and movable posts and, you guessed it, barriers. For indoor or outdoor use, cordon off temporary works or hazards, keep people out of your parking space or create an orderly queue.
  • Alternatively, you can’t beat a good old traffic cone for its high visibility and versatility. Use them inside or out, for traffic or pedestrians.

Pointing out hazards

  • Our range of hazard tape is quick and easy to put up, available in a range of colours, printed messages and symbols. Use line marking paint, and a line marking trolley if you’ll be painting a lot of lines, to indicate parking bays, warehouse zones, write messages and more.
  • Traffic warning signs and speed signs let vehicles know what’s coming up, whether they need to take action and what their speed should be limited to. There are lots of designs to choose from so browse these sections for appropriate signage.
Preventing accidents

It’s obviously a good idea to stop accidents from happening around your workplace and we’ve got some great products to help you do just that.

  • Keeping pedestrians safe is mostly a case of keeping them away from hazards (see above) and stopping them from falling over. For the latter, grit and salt is a great idea for walkways in the winter and hand rails are useful all year round. Sorted.
  • When it comes to traffic, our range of speed bumps can be easily placed wherever they’re needed to safely restrict speed. For tricky manoeuvres, traffic mirrors are seriously appreciated by drivers and you’ll be equally pleased that you don’t need to repair scuffs and scrapes to property. Finally, if you want to keep a vehicle stationary, use a wheel chock for peace of mind.
Making life easy

A few of our sections help make life that little bit easier and are really appreciated by staff and visitors.

  • Smoking shelters create a designated, covered area for smoking colleagues to have a break. We’ve got a great range of shelters and accessories such as seats, so pick a design that you like the look of.
  • It’s a nice idea to offer cycle racks or stands at your business. Not only do they encourage green transport and offer a safe place for staff to leave their bikes, they also prevent people cluttering up communal areas. Choose from budget stands through to covered racks for multiple cycles

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