Shelving & Racking

Our range of shelving and racking comes in all shapes and sizes. We stock light/budget weight through to heavy duty shelving. We also sell heavy duty pallet racking ideal for your warehouse. A lot of our shelving is boltless and easy to slot together without any tools. For more information please feel free to contact us on 0800 652 6000

How do I choose the right shelving or racking system?

Shelving and racking not only provides a storage solution for your business, but when chosen correctly for your needs it can help define leaner and more efficient ways of working.

Before selecting the shelving units, ask yourself:

  • What do you want to store?
  • What environment are your shelves for?
  • How will you use them?
  • Do you have a large area to fill?

What do you want to store?

You will need to firstly think about the weight capacity and size of the objects you want to store to determine which units are most suitable.

  • We offer light duty units which are perfect for general purpose storage of files, boxes, cleaning or office supplies. Our range of office, budget, chrome, catering and sloping shelving all include light duty options.
  • Medium duty shelving ranges in capacity from 200-340kg UDL per shelf. This selection is ideal for stockrooms, schools or warehouses.
  • Heavy duty shelving is much more durable and depending on your requirements capacity ranges between 400kg – 720kg UDL per shelf. Depending on the space you need to fill and how you’ll load, our long span and pallet racking also includes heavy duty options.

All our shelving comes with a maximum UDL capacity per shelf, this will give you starting point when browsing the range.

UDL - Uniformly distributed load

The specified max UDL capacity is the maximum you can load on to the shelf evenly with no single point handling substantially more load than the rest of the shelf.

What environment are your shelves for?

If you’re looking for industrial shelving start by browsing our heavy duty, longspan or pallet racking. These are most suitable for factories, warehouses, garages or stockrooms.

If you require shelving for catering or hospital environments, you will need something hygienic and hardwearing which is easy to clean. We would recommend stainless steel, chrome or catering shelving.

Specialist shelving

  • Stainless steel shelving is durable and resistant to corrosion. It’s easy to clean and ideal for kitchens, stockrooms and hospitals.
  • Chrome shelving units have wire shelves offering ventilation – ideal for airflow around food and avoiding dust build up. The attractive finish also makes them popular in stockrooms.
  • Tyre racks are simple and cost effective storage in garages.
  • Vertical racks for storing sheet material, pipes or bars vertically.

How will you use them?

How will your shelving will be loaded – will they be hand or machine loaded?

Palletised loading

The vast majority of the range can be hand loaded, but if you required warehouse shelving to accommodate palletised loading our pallet racking is the best option.

Quick Picking

To ensure picking is efficient in your business, shelving secured with tie plates for double sided runs ensures workers can gain access from both sides.

If you need shelving for fast picking, it’s ideal to get something durable and long lasting. Heavy duty is robust and can be secured with tie plates for double sided runs. If you only need single sided access sloping shelving is ideal as items can quickly be identified.

Do you have a larger area to fill?

If you have a larger area to fill, to save on costs opt for starter and extension bays. The starter and extension bay will all need to be the same height and depth, but the width of the shelving units can vary to suit your needs.

Getting the right shelving is crucial for your business and workforce productivity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help finding the best system for you. If you need help with design and installation, see our project area here.

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