Packing your products for dispatch should be as straightforward and speedy as possible. At Key, our range of packing and unpacking equipment includes everything you would need to ensure that your parcel reaches its destination safely and securely. We also stock a variety of products to increase efficiency in your warehouse. All of our products include free delivery and returns.

How do I choose the right packaging?

Whatever items you send from your business, you need to pack them properly so that they arrive in pristine condition.

This department is filled with every kind of packing product from strapping to shrink film, pallets to polythene tubing. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, pick a section above and get browsing. However, if you’re not 100% sure what you need, how do you begin choosing the right packaging for your business?

To help you make your decision, we’ve put together our guide to picking the perfect packaging.

  • Firstly, what are you sending? Consider size, shape and if it is fragile. Then you can choose your packing container.
  • Your two main options for packing container are a box or a bag. But there are still more choices in each of these sections. Boxes offer great protection in the post and come in many sizes. You’ll also find postal tubes which are perfect for documents, drawings and maps.
  • Bags are great because they’re lightweight and inexpensive. If you’re sending clothing or something similar, postal bags are ideal. Otherwise, padded Jiffy bags could be a great choice for smaller items that need a little padding.
  • Your bonus option when it comes to packing containers is wrapping paper. If you’re struggling with a large or awkwardly shaped item, wrapping paper makes packing simple. Corrugated paper also adds a bit of protection as your package heads to its next destination.
  • Once you’ve chosen your container, do you need any protective products or filling material? Head to the bubble wrap and loose fill chips section to make sure your items are properly protected during transit. Alternatively, you might find just what you need in our range of foam, netting and edge protectors. These products are great for reducing the impact of bumps on vulnerable items.
  • Ok, so the next stage is sealing your box/bag/package. The obvious choice for this task is handy, reliable tape and you’ll find plenty in our tapes and dispensers section. Otherwise, we stock stretch film, shrink film, strapping, glue guns and staplers – just click on the relevant section.
  • If you also need to label your package with extra information or instructions, visit labels and dispensers. You’ll find labels, printed tape and documents enclosed labels to make sure your package carries all its essential information with it.
  • The last thing to consider when choosing packaging is how you will move your packages. Choose products from the pallets, conveyors and roll containers sections to make transporting items around and from your warehouse simple and efficient.

So, now that you’ve thought through your whole packing process, you’re hopefully ready to make your product choices. Browse through the sections above for all the products mentioned alongside many more or get in touch with our sales team for further advice.

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