Mesh Office Chairs

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Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are increasingly popular for employees. They offer a number of benefits for the user which make them a great choice over other alternatives.

Why choose a mesh back chair?


Mesh chairs offer ventilation allowing air to flow through the backrest and in some products also the seat pan. This keeps the user cool and dry. Alternatives, such as fully upholstered chairs can trap heat causing the user to feel sweaty.

Support and Flexibility

All our mesh office chairs are shaped to support the natural curves of your spine. As the mesh is flexible it moves with you, as opposed to being in a fixed position, which can become uncomfortable if it’s can’t be adjusted to suit you.


The mesh is tightly woven making it very durable. The back is less likely to flatten and lose shape like the padded leather or upholstered chairs can. After frequent use.


Mesh chairs have a modern and minimalist design. We offer a range of styles including high back, mid back, colourful, ergonomic and executive mesh chairs. We have something to suit every workplace.

Easier to clean

Unlike fabric, mesh is easier to clean. If you have a spillage mesh can quickly be wiped clean, whereas upholstery can soak up the spill and may require upholstery cleaner. We offer mesh office chairs in a range of price brackets, whether you’re looking for budget, high quality or somewhere in between – browse our range here or view more office chairs if you can’t find what you’re looking for.