Manual Stackers

Manual Stackers
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Product options

There are 2 different options for this product

219 KG Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
219 KG

Height (mm)
1330 MM

Length (mm)
1675 MM

Lift height (mm)
920 MM

£ 2,160.00 £ 1,720.00

Sold by 1 Piece

254 KG Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
254 KG

Height (mm)
203 MM

Length (mm)
1685 MM

Lift height (mm)
1650 MM

£ 2,490.00 £ 2,030.00

Sold by 1 Piece


A flexible efficient way of transporting, handling lifting goods.

  • Can be adjusted by the user and has ergonomic handles to ensure the user has a relaxed hold.
  • Compact construction that is easily manoeuvrable to optimise space.
  • Short overall length, larger turning angle, assisted steering and lightweight to add to manoeuvrability.
  • Adjustable forks as standard.
  • Central location of all control buttons of the handle.
  • Transparent and impact-resistant safety screen.
  • Parking brake fitted.
Please note: For customer specific requirements and stainless steel versions please call our Sales Team on 0800 652 6000.


Product Information Description
Product Name Manual Stackers
Sold by 1 Piece
Catalogue page 7
Technical Specification Description
Width (mm) 680 mm
Load capacity (kg) 1000 kg
Turning angle (degrees) 180°
Type Manual
Fork width (mm) 163 mm