Drum & Cylinder Equipment

We offer a large variety of drum and cylinder equipment - including storage solutions, lifting and transportation. All our categories are listed below, however if you struggle to find what you are looking for then please feel free to give us a call on 0800 652 6000. With next day delivery options and great prices buying online from Key is hassle free

How do I choose the right Drum/Cylinder?

If your business uses drums or cylinders, you’ll find some essential extra products in this category. To help get you started, read on for our category guide…

  • Are you looking for a storage solution? In the drum storage section there are plenty of exciting products to help you get it right. Amongst drum storage pallets and lockable stores you’ll find spill trays to take care of any accidents.
  • Alternatively, if you need to store cylinders, the best section for you is cylinder storage (makes sense, right?). From simple stands that will stop your cylinder rolling away to wall mounted storage and secure cages, you’ll find a product that matches your needs.
  • If you want to store hazardous materials, it’s important to take extra precautions. In our hazardous storage containers section we stock everything you could need from lockable bins to safety cans and accessories for flammable products and other hazardous materials. Get it right and keep everyone safe.
  • To complement your storage solution, consider whether a hazardous substance sign would be appropriate. Some substances must be labelled by law so visit this section and make sure people know what they’re handling.
  • Storing your drums and cylinders is all very well, but what about when you want to move them? In the drum cradles and carriers section we stock dollies and cradles for wheeling drums around as well as drum movers – great for picking up drums off pallets.
  • If you plan manoeuvres beyond simply wheeling drums short distances, you might want to look at the drum lifters. These products really take the strain out of drum distribution and you’ll find something in our rage for all drum sizes.
  • For yet more products designed to help you move drums and cylinders with ease, head over to the trucks and trolleys category. There you’ll find drum trucks and cylinder trolleys which are simply perfect for shifting these heavy, awkward items.
  • When you’ve stored and transported your drum to your heart’s content, you might actually want to access its contents. The drum pumps section includes many varieties of, you guessed it, drum pumps. From simple and inexpensive to air operated models for maximum efficiency, think about how often you’ll use your drum pump as you choose.
  • Finally, for those extra bits and bobs that are integral to drum usage, head to toe drum accessories. Taps, keys, opening tools, jugs, funnels…don’t leave this category without paying this section a visit. It’s full of useful accessories that will make using your drums a doddle.

So, now that you’ve read our little guide to drum and cylinder equipment, we hope you’re ready to browse this category and make your choice. If you require any further advice, we’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right products. Call us on 0800 652 6000.

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