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  • Series 550 Cabinets
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    SKU : MDL1329731694840776

    Organised storage and protection for small parts and components.

    • Ideal for almost any trade and industrial environment, even areas of high humidity.
    • Crystal clear drawers ensure a good view of the contents.
    • Cabinets can be stacked, wall hung or mounted on space-saving turntables.
    • Strong grey polypropylene frame and galvanised steel shelves.
    • Small drawers sit securely within the framework.
    • Self-adhesive labels included for each drawer.

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  • Shelving Bins
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    SKU : MDL1192785926595602

    Shelf bins to fit small parts systems and mobile shelving, with corrugated base for easy picking.

    • The front and back design allow for robotic handling in vertical carousels and fully automated stores.
    • Full width label with protective shield, makes it easier to clean and replace.
    • Stackable.
    • Colours: red, blue or grey.
    • Bin dividers available.

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  • Heavy Duty Storage Drawer Cabinets
    Item code:   1001280
    SKU : GA290502

    Robustly constructed free-standing drawer cabinets, providing high volume storage.

    • Designed as free-standing units.
    • 2 drawer combinations to specifically suit your storage needs.
    • Grey enamelled steel cabinet, coloured drawers, labels and protective shields.
    • Optional extra – set of 4 castors.

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  • Colour Bin Cabinets
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    SKU : 333122002010264075

    Use to create a flexible storage system.

    • Stove enamelled steel cabinets.
    • Each cabinet come with a number of same size, same colour bins fitted with drawer stops.
    • Locating points for secure stacking vertically and horizontally.
    • Back slots allow cabinets to be fitted to the wall.

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  • Height Adjustable Standard Workbench
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    SKU : MDL1224499104912844

    An ergonomic and professional workbench - adjustable height will reduce fatigue for workers.

    • Height adjustable - between 650mm-900mm.
    • 25mm laminate particle board worktop, for industrial envionments.
    • Robust 300kg UDL capacity.

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  • Height Adjustable Workbench With Upper Shelf
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    SKU : MDL122449968015881

    Steel workbench with an adjustable height and adjustable shelf, for extra utility.

    • Steel, ergonomic workbench has a total height adjustable of 650mm to 900mm.
    • Laminate shelf is 310mm deep, and can also be adjusted between 1080mm & 1550mm high.
    • 25mm thick laminated particle board worktop is suitable for tasks such as testing, packing, repairing or inspecting.
    • Coated tubular steel frame has a UDL capacity of 300kg.

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  • Mobile Workbench with Height Adjustable Capability
    Item code:   375T022
    SKU : MDL1224500690387515

    Mobile workbench thats also height adjustable, professional and ergonomic!

    • Height adjustable from 650mm to 900mm.
    • 4 x 100mm swivel castors (2 braked).
    • Coated tubular steel frame.
    • 25mm laminated particle board worktop.

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    £ 280.00
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