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  • Karcher Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT 48/1
    Special Offer
    Item code:   227K004
    SKU : MDL1416926907586581

    High-capacity single motor all-purpose vacuum cleaner for picking up large quantities of wet or dry...

    • Automatic cut out facility for when maximum fluid capacity is filled.
    • Supplied drain hose for easy emptying.
    • Constant high suction power and long uninterrupted use due to the large cartridge filter.
    • Ergonomic, robust design with integrated bumper.
    • Supplied with 2.5m suction hose, 2x0.5m metal suction tubes, paper filter bag, wet and dry floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, cartridge filter.

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  • Karcher Steam Cleaner - SC2
    Special Offer
    Item code:   224K004
    SKU : MDL1416993928117002

    An efficient, compact and simple to use steam cleaner.

    • Ideal for large laminate or tiled areas as well as nooks and crannies that other cleaners can't reach.
    • Environmentally friendly, no need to use detergent and low water consumption.
    • Innovative 'lamellae' floor tool, for more effective cleaning.
    • Heating output: 1500W.
    • Max steam pressure: 3.2 bar.

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  • K4 Compact Karcher Pressure Washer & T250 Patio Cleaner
    Special Offer
    Item code:   222K004
    SKU : MDL1358859518117744

    Karcher K4 pressure washer is ideal for outdoor furniture, patios and around business premises.

    • Complete with T250 patio cleaner for faster, splash-free cleaning of patios and decking.
    • Long life water-cooled motor.
    • Quick connect system for the high pressure hose.
    • Telescopic aluminium handle, for difficult to access areas.
    • Automatic stop/start motor when the trigger is released.
    • 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
    • Standard accessories:
    • 6m High pressure hose.
    • Trigger gun.
    • Variable pressure spray lance.
    • Dirtblaster.
    • T250 patio cleaner.
    • Plug and clean detergent system.

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  • Commercial Steam Cleaner
    Special Offer
    Item code:   223K004
    SKU : MDL1416933870610888

    Highly versatile, fast, hygienic steam cleaner.

    • Suited to detail work around kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings as well as cleaning floors and walls.
    • Deep and hygienic chemical-free cleaning.
    • Compact, lightweight design reduces storage space and operates easily in tight spaces.
    • Easy to use. 2-tank system, for quicker heat up time.
    • Heating output: 2300W.
    • Max. steam pressure: 4 bar.
    • Accessories:
    • Steam hose with handle.
    • Extension tube.
    • Detail nozzle.
    • Power nozzle.
    • Floor tool for abrasive cleaning.
    • Floor tool (hygienic cleaning and disinfection).

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  • Professional Wet/Dry Eco Vacuum Cleaner - NT 35/1 Tact
    Special Offer
    Item code:   177K004
    SKU : MDL1206456829680188

    Fully automatic cleaning system, picks up dirt and liquids indoor and outdoors in dry or damp...

    • Picks up coarse dirt and liquids as well as large quantities of fine dust.
    • Cleans the filter with strong air blasts, which guarantees constantly high suction power.
    • Complete with electronic on/off switch for electric tool connection.
    • Standard accessories include: power filter clean, Eco filter system, castor with brake, 2.5m suction hose, metal tube, universal floor tool, crevice tool, flat pleated filter, paper filter bag.

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  • Karcher Commercial Pressure Cleaner
    Special Offer
    Item code:   226K004
    SKU : MDL1417001123466621

    Compact, lightweight professional cold water pressure cleaner.

    • Extended trigger gun with 10m high-pressure hose.
    • Automatic pressure controlled shutdown upon trigger release for low energy consumption.
    • Adjustable aluminium push handle provides easy manoeuvrability.
    • Box content:
    • Extended high-pressure trigger gun.
    • High-pressure hose, 10m.
    • Stainless steel spray lance, 480mm .
    • Power Nozzle.

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    £ 510.00 £ 449.00
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  • Karcher Window Vac -WV2
    Special Offer
    Item code:   225K004
    SKU : MDL1416996659580805

    Fast, hygienic steam cleaner. A quicker way to clean windows, shower screens, mirrors and spills.

    • Achieve exceptional cleaning with minimum effort.
    • Battery operated, can clean approximately 75m² (25 windows) in a single charge.
    • No streaks, collects dirty water before it has a chance to leave a smear.
    • Dirty water tank: 100ml.
    • Re-chargeable battery included. Time required to charge battery: 140 min.

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  • Dry Eco Efficient Vacuum T12 ECO
    Special Offer
    Item code:   216K004
    SKU : MDL1322126557305114

    Highly advanced dry tub vacuum cleaner with low energy consumption.

    • 40% less energy consumption and perfect daily cleaning performance.
    • Compact, lightweight design with high capacity, ideal for use within hotels, shops and contract cleaning.
    • Power brush option – ideal for cleaning in areas where stricter hygiene is paramount.
    • Integrated power cord storage.
    • Large foot operated on/off switch.
    • Bumper to protect machine obstacles.

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  • Karcher Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner - NT27/1 Me
    Item code:   184K004
    SKU : MDL1206455067930557

    Robust machine ideal for contract cleaning, automotive firms, crafts and trades.

    • Corrosion free stainless steel casing.
    • Fan cover is designed to double up as a stowage compartment for tools or accessories.
    • Supplied complete with 2.5m hose, metal suction tube, 300mm wide wet dry floor tool, crevice tool, paper filter bag.

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    £ 320.00
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  • Domestic Wet/Dry Multi - Purpose Vacuum - MV3 P
    Item code:   228K004
    SKU : MDL1422024317783982

    Energy efficient compact vacuum cleaner with high suction force.

    • Ideal for continuous use in the home or in the garden only for both wet and dry applications.
    • Provides a powerful 1400w motor but only using 1000w saving energy.
    • Special cartridge filter – unique to Kärcher, enables easy wet and dry vacuuming.
    • Blower function dislodges dust from crevices, corners and radiators and even inflates airbeds and some paddling pools.
    • Equipped with a 2m suction hose, 2 x suction tube, cartridge filter and a wet/dry floor tool. All accessories can be stored safely on the machine.
    • 200 Watt motor with 240 Volt power, 17 Litre tub size.

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    £ 133.00
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  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner - NT 35/1 Eco Te
    Special Offer
    Item code:   212K004
    SKU : MDL1321278781966397

    Powerful and robust, equipped with a unique and highly efficient automatic filter cleaning device...

    • Fully automated filter cleaning system.
    • Equipped with a socket and an automatic start/stop function.
    • Power tools can be connected with the power tool bushing.
    • Storage for suction hose and power cord.
    • Recessed flat tray for holding tools and accessories.
    • Ideal for environments such as workshops, automotive, electricians, building trade etc.
    • Supplied with a standard accessory kit including wet and dry floor tool 300mm, 2.5m suction hose with bend, 2 x 0.5m metal suction tubes, 1 crevice tool and 1 paper filter bag.

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  • Mobile Carpet / Upholstery Cleaner
    Special Offer
    Item code:   167K004N
    SKU : RS0301236

    For deep cleaning of carpets and textiles. Ideal for any environment subject to heavy traffic.

    • Suction tool leaves only minimal residual moisture, enabling cleaned areas to be used again very quickly.
    • Tough yet light weight upholstery tool.
    • Power cable and upholstery tool can be conveniently stored on the machine, reducing the risk of loss and damage.
    • Adjustable handle to suit any operator
    • 2.5m flexible spray/suction hose.

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    £ 685.00 £ 549.00
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