Setting up a new office or warehouse?  Whatever the task, Key is eager to help!

We offer FREE sites visits and FREE quotations!

Let us help you with your design and installation requirements, and you will receive +40 years of expert advice from our knowledgeable team.

As office and warehouses become ever-more specialised, Key recommends letting our experts handle the planning and stress, so you can concentrate on getting the perfect setup for your business.  Our experts want to work with you to ensure your project solutions are delivered on time – and at a price that is great for you.  Here are some traditional areas to consider:

Shelving and Racking

No warehouse or office can be complete if it does not have the correct storage, but it can problematical to select the most effective solution for your workspace.  There are many different factors to consider, for example:

  • What environment you are operating in?
  • What you want to store?
  • How you intend to load/offload your stored items?

Get any of these wrong, and your warehouse may be unfit for your purposes!

However, Key has the expertise and merchandise to offer you the best, most affordable solution – from light office shelving through to heavy duty pallet racking.  With our free site visits and quotes, we can build you a full warehouse system!


It is very rare that you will need to buy only one, singular locker – once you have the need for any locker, it is very likely you will also need to think about setting up an entire room!  For school and gym, lab and warehouse, Key has a fine selection of both standard and innovative locker solutions, including:

  • Wire Mesh Lockers – allowing ventilation and visual security.
  • General Use Lockers – ideal for schools and gyms, ranging from luxury to economy.
  • Clothing Locker – to fit any and all environments.
  • Stainless Steel Lockers – for laboratory and hygienic areas.

Allow Key to assist you in your selection – we have experts on call, waiting to help you pick the best locker to suit your needs, at the best price!

Office Furniture

Nothing says more about your company ethos than the office you work out of.

Creating the right space – a space to be both functional and impressive – can be a complex task, but is highly necessary; an old, shabby office will not impress potential clients, can affect the morale of your current staff and will not help attract new talent to your company!

With all these to consider, planning a new office layout can be a heavy challenge.  To help, Key offers:

  • Desks and drawers, suited to any space.
  • The latest of chair ranges, from simple to futuristic.
  • Cupboards for every environment, whether office, school or lab.
  • Filing solutions to suit both your chosen décor and needs.

Let Key help you create a space you are proud to work in!


From light assembly to heavy duty industrial work, few production environments are complete without a workbench.  Choosing the workbench right setup can be bewildering, with so many factors to consider, such as:

  • What kind of weight you will be working with?
  • Do you need your workbench to be mobile?
  • How often will you need to use the workbench?
  • What environment do you need the workbench for?

All necessary things to consider – but Key has the experts to guide you through to finding your perfect workbench setup. With our ever-growing selection of the best, most affordable workbenches – from anti-static through to electric, ergonomic height-adjustable workbenches – Key can help you setup garages, factories, schools and warehouses.