With the bee population dropping – even halving in some countries, it’s vital we take care to maintain bee populations, pollination and honey production.

In support of Don’t Step on a Bee Day the With Love Forum at Key have been hard at work! Our team have been making space to plant wild flowers, lavender and bee houses to help home solitary bees.

Did you know a tablespoon of honey is the life’s work of around 35 bees!

To raise awareness in the company our mid-month pick me up followed the theme – Salted Caramel Honeycomb the perfect treat for a Monday!

What can you do to help?

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers & Shrubs

Plant these in your garden to attract bees.

Support Local & Organic Farmers

Insecticides are cited as the main cause of bee decline. Buying local and organic benefits the bees, local farmers, the environment & your health!

Buy or Build a Bee Hotel

Did you know bees need somewhere to rest when they venture out on their pollen mission.

Set up a Bee Refreshment Station

After all that work, bees can easily wear themselves out – it’s common to see a lone bee lying on the ground. Add water to a bowl filled with rocks or marbles so the bees can climb in and out whilst grabbing a refreshment.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our first Bee resident in their new home!