Ladders or Steps? – Daddy or Chips?

Daddy or chips is enough of a conundrum for most so whilst you’re pondering on that one out we’ll help you make sure that you’re not taking on feats worthy of a place in cirque de solei just to get that thing that you can’t quite reach.

Seriously though – if you’re required to work from height you need to have access to the right equipment at all times, we’re not just saying this, it’s part of the working at height regulations that employers need to comply with.

Now…if you’re sitting comfortably I’ll begin.

Selecting the right tool for the job

At Key we know that the job won’t be done properly and efficiently without the correct tools and working at height is no different. The first thing to do is assess what the job entails and consider the following

  • At what height will you be working?
  • How long will you be working for without a break?
  • Will you move the equipment, if so how often?
  • Will you have a restricted access to the area you need to work?
  • Will the work involve lifting anything heavy?

There is a useful tool that the HSE have made available here that guides you to the most appropriate type of access equipment for your needs.

Now you know what type of equipment is going to be suitable for the job, here are a few options from our range:


Telescopic Ladder – its lightweight (aluminium) and can be extended rung by rung up to 3.8m

Adjustable Ladder 3.7m- the reinforced auto-locking hinge enables the user to configure the ladder as a workbench, A-frame step and extension ladder.

Little Giant Ladder 5.21m – can be used in 16 unique configurations, as an A-Frame, extension, staircase, as a 90–degree ladder and as a trestle and plank scaffolding system.

8 tread industrial glass fibre extension ladder – non-sparking for use where electricity may be present. Dual action articulated feet enable the ladder to be used on hard or soft ground

Click here to view our complete range of ladders

Steps – everyday light duty use

Mobile kick steps – ideal for accessing those just out of reach places. Spring loaded castors that retract when weight is applied providing a safe and steady working platform.

Foldable plastic step stool – ideal for maintenance activities. Slip resistant and will stand upright when folded.

Step trucks – neat, compact and versatile step truck – easily converted from a folding step to a sack truck

High back folding steps – handrail fitted with black foam rubber for additional grip or as a back support.


Click here to view our complete range of steps

Steps/Towers – Heavy duty

Large platform mobile steps – Step and platform handrails ensure user safety. Domed feet with rubber protection rings and retractable castors ensure complete immobility and safety when weight is applied during use.

Heavy duty mobile safety steps – twin hand rails for user safety. Retractable front castors which are hand lever operated. Caution/operation notice fitted to each step to remind user of safe operation procedure. Has a 100mm toe board on the top of the platform to prevent objects such as tools from falling

Telescopic folding tower – safe and more efficient alternative to fixed scaffolding, podiums, and other mobile access towers. Provides 4m of working height, from van to in situ in 3 minutes or less!

5 Step access platform 1150mm – 48° incline for safe and easy use, large working platform with removable safety chains on 3 sides for access.


To view our full range of ladders, steps and tower click here


Roof rack clamps – the essential travel companion

Safely transporting your equipment from one location to another is a concern, with the exception of the working platform it is unlikely the steps and ladders will fit conveniently in a van for transportation.

Check and see if the roof rack clamps sold by Key are going to be what you need to make moving the ladders easier. Even if you already use roof rack clamps we recommend reviewing these regularly to ensure they are as sturdy as they should be.

We have 77 different ladders, steps and towers to suit all kinds of working at height, if you need any more advice get in touch with our sales team on or call us on 0800 652 6000


At Key, we are passionate about providing our customers with the right products and information so that they can get on with the important job of running their business. Let us know if there is any other information you need and we can get it added to our blog for you.

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