What lockers are right for my needs?

When running a business, whether it’s a shop, office, warehouse or factory, it’s so easy to focus on the tools you need to get the job done and keep customers happy that you forget about areas of the business that are not customer facing.

Having a clean, safe and secure “back office” area is vital to ensure that everyone can turn their attention to the important jobs they have to do. Providing a locker for example, means your employees will have a safe place to leave their personal items and valuables and keep communal areas free of clutter.

So what locker is best for you?

Lockers come in many different types, not just in the traditional “school locker” format. At Key we are confident we will have the one that works best for you. In this post we have provided the answers to some of our most common questions.

It is also worth knowing though that we can supply solutions for complete storage systems as well as single lockers. So, when considering which locker is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how our lockers can integrate with other storage solutions to meet your needs.

I work in an office, do I even need lockers?

It totally depends on the type of business you have.

If your employees all have their own personal permanent desks then you probably only need a few lockers for a small business. The 6 tier commercial locker sets would work well for you here.

If you have employees that “hot desk” then they would probably appreciate a locker space to put their personal bits and pieces in while they are not at work.

It is also a nice way to remove some of the distractions of the modern office such as mobile phones.

I work in a shop, what locker solution do I need?

The cloakroom lockers are great because they also come with an area you can hang coats and place shoes. For any workplace where employees need space to hang coats but also need a secure locker then this is a great solution as the hanging space is built into the unit.

These lockers also come with two keys so one can be kept on site in case the other is lost.

I work in a factory where I get very dirty – what locker do I need?

That’s easy, we offer a series of “clean & dirty” lockers for your convenience. These lockers come with cam locks and two compartments – one for your clean uniform and the other for your dirty one.

There is also a compartment above both sides of the locker for other personal things you would like to keep secure.

I’m not sure even how many lockers I need, what do I do?

We sell a great range of single tier lockers or cube lockers for this reason. Sometimes, you don’t want to start off by investing in a 2×6 locker set if you are not going to use them all.

Our single lockers are very versatile in that they also fit well with other lockers if you decide to get more. You can put them side by side or back to back and they will look like they belong together, giving you the flexibility to increase the number of lockers as the need grows.

Want to find out more about the many different solutions we can offer? Visit this page to view our entire stock of lockers.

If you have any locker related questions you would like us to address please contact us at sales@key.co.uk.

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