Storage containers – four important uses

The industrial sector is becoming more demanding and fast paced, so you need to know that you can access things quickly and easily. At Key, we stock a huge range of storage containers suitable for a range of industries.

It’s important to make sure that you have excellent storage for parts, forms and other vital industry elements. We know it sounds dry; but, trust us, we’ve in the business long enough to know that it’s important to select the right type of storage solution.

So, with no further ado, here are four important uses for storage containers.

Storing small parts safely whilst keeping them in sight

If you’re in a production line or working to put together orders in a warehouse, you’ll work much quicker and easier if you can see what you’re storing and grab what is needed quickly.

Picking bins allow you to store small parts and objects safely whilst meaning you can still see them; excellent for a fast production schedule. Our picking bins are made of high density polyethylene, which means they are high resistant to oils and high/low temperatures.

View our range of picking bins here

Storing hazardous substances safely

As a business with years of experience in workplace health and safety, we take pride in being able to provide our customers, not just with general advice about workplace safety, but also the products in order to implement the advice given.

The storage/waste container you need will, of course, depend on the substance you are storing.

Are you looking to store flammable substances? Look no further than galvanised metal bins – you will need, however, to check the product specifies whether it is leak proof or non-leak proof. This will obviously determine whether it is suitable for your substance. Galvanisation is the process of coating metal with zinc to enhance its protective properties.

You can view our range of storage products for hazardous/flammable substances.

Distributing and transporting important goods

The best distribution containers are crafted from polypropylene because this type of plastic is strong and durable. View the best type of container for distribution here

These also come with interlocking hinged lids, for extra convenience.

Really Useful Storage – General Purpose

If you need a good all round storage solution our range of ‘Really Useful Boxes’ could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Really useful boxes are ergonomically designed and made from a special grade of high impact polypropylene. This innovative high grade plastic makes these boxes much stronger than other models and great for providing maximum protection from damage. Our range of Really Useful boxes are ideal for use as courier boxes for parcel deliveries or airfreight as well as everyday storage.

  • The handle doubles as a locking mechanism to keep the lid firmly in place and contents secure.
  • All lids feature a recess which makes them perfect for stacking.
  • Available in transparent material to easily identify contents
  • Solid colours offer UV protection
  • Some ranges include an internal lip so you can hang suspension files

View our range of really useful boxes.

So there you have it, there are some really good reasons to invest in some high quality, durable and cost-effective storage containers.

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