The 7 minute workout

Stop running all those miles! Stop sweating for hours in the gym! Research by the American College of Sports Medicine says that you only need a 7 minute work out. Sounds great right?!

12 exercises

With only 12 exercises, your own weight, a chair and a wall you can finish a workout which is as effective as running or a workout with weights at the gym. All that in 7 minutes – long live science!

App on your phone

There’s an app for both iOS and Android which will help you with the 7 minute workout. Each 30 seconds you will get a new exercise.

7 Minute Workout
(free, iOS 6.0+)
7 Minute Workout

See the full article on the website of The New York Times.

Foto door: Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office (Flickr)

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  • Posted on 7 January 2014