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Colours-and-Patterns1-1024x680Nearly everybody has a camera these days from the latest ‘smart’ phone in your pocket, the point and click that Grandad handed down when he couldn’t work the “new fangled” thing, the pretty nice birthday present that looks like a ‘proper’ camera or the new DSLR that just cost you 2 months salary but you can’t get past the blurry stage. Nearly everybody has a camera that they wish they knew more about…

Key resident photographer Mark Thompson with trusty sidekick Jen Wills were invited to pass on his photography knowledge to any and all Key employees in a catch all, come and try it, Introduction to Photography Workshop. With huge thanks to Sarah Nicholls for her help planning each week’s workshop, presentations were written and handouts course

Free to Key employees who only had to give up their time for a couple of hours each week for 4 weeks, the course included something for everyone. Different types of cameras and levels of interest were taken into consideration. Composition, elements of design and basic camera technology were all on the curriculum whilst also catering for the Bridge and DSLR owners willing to push the manual setting boundaries!

The workshops weren’t just about being in a classroom though. Mark likes to keep things fun by having practical assignments on the night as well as the dreaded homework element.

Depth-of-Field1-1024x680All in all the workshops were very successful with lots of positive feedback. Space in the Studio has been given over to the attendees efforts and anyone who wants to have a look can visit and judge for themselves if they can see a difference in the “before and after” results!

Here is a quote from one of the staff on the course: “I’m amazed at the photos I have taken over the last 4 weeks – and so are my colleagues that I have shown! I got my camera recently and the buttons and dials baffled me – I am really chuffed that I know how to use most of them now. If there was another course I would definitely be interested :) ” – Nicky Curtis.

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  • Posted on 8 April 2013