Plaster Packs
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Plaster Packs

Individually wrapped sterile and hypoallergenic fabric plasters, ideal for protecting small cuts and abrasions from infection.

  • Washproof blue are metal detectable plasters.

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There are 6 different options for this product

Delivery time Description Colour Size (mm) Price Qty.
Next day Washproof Pink Assorted £8.50
Next day Washproof Blue Assorted £9.00
Next day Fabric Pink 75 x 25 £9.50
Next day Washproof Pink 75 x 25 £8.90
Next day Washproof Blue 75 x 25 £9.50
Next day Fabric Pink Assorted £9.00
Product information
Description Plaster Packs
Delivery time Next day
Sold by: UNIT
Catalogue Page 821
Technical Specification
Pack quantity100