Black Laced Unisex Shoes
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Black Laced Unisex Shoes


Footwear specifically designed for slip resistance in workplaces such as catering and food processing.

  • Also suitable for environments such as clean areas, electronics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Upper: black venice action leather.
  • Lining: black mesh.

This product is classed as 'S2' and has all properties needed to pass the standard, including a 200 joule toecap, plus closed back, anti-static sole, energy absorbing heel, and is waterproof with a pierce resistant midsole.

This product has slip resistance on ceramic tile floors with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Solution and on steel floors with glycerol.

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Product information
Description Black Laced Unisex Shoes
Brand ABS
Delivery time 5 days
Sold by: PCE
Catalogue Page 763